Bringing students to an environment & culture of learning is a tedious task. AttendanceBot enables identification and follow up of students not reporting in the classes. Sets up automated follow-ups to keep their parents on their toes.
Check out our application demonstration video below
Error Mitigation
Skip choosing periods and classes before feeding attendance and mitigate errors.
Immediate option to rectify any anomalies with the help of quick stats & update option.
PDF in email
Every posting pushes an email notifying and recording .
Enforce compliance and discipline .
Attendance Logs
Logs for searching and updating records .
Attendance register
Register for browsing through details .
Multiple dates register
Deep dive the data .
Unlinking of attendance posted
Helps in building clarity of work.
Detailed reporting filter
Create ample of reports with our comprehensive filters.
Comprehensive Reporting
Create detailed reports.
Graphical representation
Stay on track with our analytical graphical representation reporting .
Populate historical data with a click
Single window full view of a complete student cycle .
Event Attendance
Align your events with academics.
Creating batches for event
Manage events .
Mark event attendance
Allocate respective reps for managing the event.
Dig deeper with event logs
Logs provide solution to human generated errors.
Lesson plan integration with attendance
Keep track of your pace to accomplish syllabus goals.
Marking substitute attendance
Manage substituted periods.
Suspend Classes
Suspend classes and have them reflected in pending attendance reports .
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